Data is the difference

GreenSpace sensors use anonymous data to provide data at scale in real time.

RoomFinder by GreenSpace

Understand how people use any space: huddle rooms, conference rooms, open space, etc.

One sensor can be installed up to 20 feet off the ground and understand more than 2800 sq ft of space, including people counting. 

With more range and better coverage than camera-based and LIDAR-based alternatives, GreenSpace is the most scalable, comprehensive and cost-effective solution on the market.


Any space. Any size. Anywhere.


Schedule meeting space, desks, phone booths, etc. Integration with Office365 ensures a seamless, effective solution to ensuring productivity never has to suffer.

Integrated with RoomFinder, Verdant can save space automatically when users don't actually show up to their meeting. Gather utilization information based on meetings scheduled vs. meetings attended. 

Anonymous. Intuitive. Scalable.


GreenSpace Sensor

The GreenSpace sensor is a proprietary occupancy sensor designed for global scalability, maximum flexibility and extremely accurate data. Where most current occupancy sensors fail, GreenSpace provides a sensor with maximum ability.

As and edge computing device, this POE sensor is ensured to keep network traffic to a minimum while providing accurate, actionable and real-time information.